Thai Language, Culture, and Ethics Training

Name of Certificate

Certificate of Thai Language and culture and professional ethics training course for Practicing the Teaching Profession.


The Teachers and Educational Personnel council Act B.E 2546 (2003) prescribes that teaching profession is a licensed profession, and the second paragraph of Clause 5 of the Regulation of the teacher Council of Thailand Governing Professional Practice License B.E. 2547(2004) prescribes that any foreigner applying for a license to practice the teaching profession shall have passed the testing and evaluation of knowledge in accordance with the rules and procedures as specified by the teachers Council of Thailand Board. This That culture and professional ethics training course is established by the Teachers Council of Thailand for foreigners having education degree and applying for licenses to practice the teaching profession, provided that such foreigners shall have completed training in this course.


To ensure that a person who has completed training in this course understand Thai society, professional ethics and can use knowledge and experience obtained from the training to practice the profession effectively.


The training starts in 2010.
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Qualification Requirement

  • Qualifications
    1. No less than 20 years of age
    2. Foreigners with degree in Education or equivalence or any degree acknowledged by the Teachers Council of Thailand Board
    3. Has completed a teaching job no less than one year in a qualified educational institute and passed the evaluation specified by the teacher's council committee
  • Forbidden/taboos
    1. A misbehaving or unethical person
    2. A person previously imprisoned for a case not suitable for the teaching career

Training Duration

The training course is a total of 20 hours.

Time and Location

The training schedule is set up every Saturday at 9.00am to 4.00pm for one month in a meeting room on the second floor of Paradornparp International House, Payap University, Mae khao campus.

Tuition and Fee

5,000 baht per person.

Selection Procedure

Submit an application and complete an interview.

Certificate Endorsement

A certificate endorsed by Teachers Council of Thailand Board and Payap University will be awarded on completion of the training.

Course Structure and Description

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Measurement and Evaluation

By way of testing 20% and practical training 80%.

Evaluation Criteria

Applying pass/fail criteria. Required to pass not less than 60% of the testing requirements.

Contact for more information and to submit an application form:

Office of secretary, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities
Khun Ruengrai Hunsa
Pantasanya Building
Mae Khao Campus, Payap University
Telephone No: (053) 851478 ext 7503

Program Coordinator: A. Chalida Wasuwat Faculty of Psychology Department