Thai Language, Culture, and Ethics Training

Name of Certificate

Certificate of Thai Language, Culture, and Professional Ethics Training.


The Teachers and Educational Personnel Council Act B.E 2546 (2003) determined that the teaching profession shall be a licensed profession. Additionally, Clause 5 of the Regulation of the Teachers Council of Thailand Governing Professional Practice License B.E. 2547(2004) mandated that all foreigners applying for a license to practice the teaching profession in Thailand pass the testing and evaluation of knowledge in accordance with the rules and procedures as specified by the Teachers Council of Thailand Board.

This course was designed to prepare all prospective foreign teachers with the requisite knowledge to pass this test and be fully qualified to teach in Thailand. Upon successful completion of this course, all teachers will be awarded a Certificate of Completion endorsed by the Teachers Council of Thailand.


To ensure that all prospective teachers who have completed training in this course possess a better understanding of Thai society, Thai language, and professional ethics, and can use this knowledge and experience to better conduct themselves in their teaching profession.


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Qualification Requirement

  • Qualifications
    1. Must be minimum 20 years of age.
    2. All foreigners with a minimum bachelor's degree in education or equivalent, or any other degree acknowledged by the Teachers Council of Thailand Board.
    3. Has completed a teaching job no less than one year in a qualified educational institute and passed the evaluation specified by the teacher's council committee
  • Forbidden/taboos
    1. A misbehaving or unethical person.
    2. A person previously imprisoned for a case not suitable for a teaching career.
    3. Any persons physically unable to fulfill their duties.

Training Duration

The training course is a total of 20 hours.

Time and Location

The training will be for a period of three days. The training will be conducted in the third-floor meeting room of theParadornparp International House, Payap University, MaeKhao campus.

Tuition and Fee

The full fee for this course is 5,000 Thai baht per person. (Note: This payment is non-refundable.)

Selection Procedure

  1. The applicant should review the schedule and instructions contained in the Admission Schedule.
  2. The applicant will then need to complete the Application Form.
Note: Payap University is no longer accepting applications for the calendar year 2013. We will announce the 2014 schedule shortly.

Certificate Endorsement

A Certificate of Completion endorsed by the Teachers Council of Thailand Board and Payap University will be awarded upon completion of the training. Please allow a minimum of two months for delivery of this letter. All attendees will receive a Letter of Participation on the last day of the course.

Course Structure and Description

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Measurement and Evaluation

By way of written test (20%) and practical training 80%.

Evaluation Criteria

This course is pass/fail; students must obtain no less than 60% course grade to pass.

Contact for more information and to submit an application form:

Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities
Office of the Secretary
Pantasanya Building
Mae Khao Campus, Payap University
Telephone No: (053) 851478 ext 7503

Program Coordinator: A. Chalida Wasuwat ofSocial Sciences and Humanities, Psychology Department