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Master of Arts in Linguistics

The Linguistics Department was founded in 1989. Payap University is well-situated to support linguistic study due to its location in northern Thailand, which is home to many different language groups and the natural center of a linguistic area which stretches far beyond the national borders of Thailand.

All courses in the program are taught in English, and most of the teaching staff are native speakers of English. Linguistics department students come from Asia, Europe, N. America and the Pacific Rim. International students are welcome to apply.


Although there is considerable linguistic scholarship in Southeast Asia, relatively little is known about many languages of the region. Moreover, the translation of materials between languages is increasingly important, due to the growth of trade and communications in the region. As Thailand continues its national development and assumes a role of regional leadership, it is important that there be trained people who can investigate the languages of the region, skillfully translate materials, and give guidance to the many communities who aspire to document, preserve and cultivate their cultural heritage. With an eye to meeting this need, the Linguistics Department of Payap University offers a strong research-focused degree right in the middle of the region where many of these languages are found.


The mission of the Payap University Linguistics Department is to train students to be skilled linguists and to promote the research and documentation of languages, focusing on the languages of Mainland Southeast Asia, which will be of value to the local and international communities.


The Linguistics Department offers an M.A. in Linguistics Degree. Graduates of the M.A. program have the knowledge, ability and skill to:

1. Apply linguistic theory to research, language description and language documentation.

2. Use effective methods of language study and language analysis.

3. Translate well, and examine and assess translated documents and adapt them for correct communication.

4. Assist heritage language communities to wisely cultivate and develop their own languages within the national language context.

Student Handbook

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  • March 1, 2016 for students needing the prerequisite courses.
  • May 1, 2016 for students not needing the prerequisite courses.
  • For students already in Thailand, the deadlines are April 1 and July 1.

Location / Contacts

The Linguistics Department is housed in the Graduate Studies Center (Pentecost building) of
the University's Mae Khao campus.

E-mail: pyulingdept@gmail.com