Linguistics Courses

AL501 Articulatory Phonetics [0 Credits]

Introductory level study of human speech sounds, including recognition, production, and transcription using the International Phonetic Alphabet.

AL502 Phonology [0 Credits]

Introductory level study of the principles and methods of the analysis of linguistic sound systems.

AL503 Grammar [0 Credits]

Introductory level study of basic linguistic analysis of the structure of words and sentences in various languages.

AL504 Introduction to Linguistics [0 Credits]

Introductory study of the basic structural units of language, covering phonetics (speech sounds), phonology (sound patterns), morphology (word structures), and syntax (sentence patterns).

AL505 Language and Meaning [0 Credits]

Introductory studies in the meaning (semantics) and use of language (pragmatics and sociolinguistics).

AL506 Cultural Anthropology [0 Credits]

Study of ethnographic field methods for collecting cultural data.

AL507 Language and Culture Acquisition [0 Credits]

Study of methods for learning other languages and cultures.