Larin Adams

Ph.D Linguistics, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL 1999 Larin

Areas of Interest:
  1. Grammar of Southeast Asian Languages
  2. Event modification
  3. Construction Grammar
  4. Sociolinguistics of Language Development
Selected Presentations and Articles:
  • 2014 Case Studies of Orthography Decision Making in Mainland Southeast Asia, in Developing Orthographies for Unwritten Languages, edited by Michael Cahill and Keren Rice, SIL International.
  • 2012 Directional Markers in K’cho Chin, 46th International Conference on Sino-Tibetan Languages and Linguistics, with Keeshein Mang.
  • 2012 Properties of discontinuous NUM+CLF in Wa, 18th Himalayan Languages Symposium.
  • 2011 Orthography decision-making in Southeast Asia, Linguistic Society of America.
  • 2008 The Particle 'lie' in Makuri Naga, (co-presented with Vong Tsuh Shi). The 19th Southeast Asian Linguistics Society meeting, KLM University, Kuala Lumpur.
  • 2007 Preliminary Analysis of Lahusi Noun Phrase Structure, Research Project #317, Payap University Linguistics Series.
  • 2006 Inside Thai VPs, Payap University Special Lectures in Linguistics.
  • 2004 Structural Semantics in a Cognitive World: How to do Semantics Systematically, University of North Dakota Colloquium Series.
  • 1999 Complex Events and the Semantics of ‘-ing’ Sentential Complements, Ph.D. Dissertation, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL.

Phinnarat Akharawatthanakun

Ph.D. Linguistics, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand, 2004 Phinnarat

Areas of Interest:
  1. Tai languages, Lao
  2. Sociolinguistics, Dialectology, Language Variation and Change
  3. Historical and Comparative Linguistics
  4. Linguistic Field Methods
  5. Phonetics, Phonology
Selected Bibliography:
  • Akharawatthanakun, Phinnarat. 2014 Some linguistic characteristics of Khun: A hypothesis on language mixture. Journal of Letters, Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University. 43.2, 105-171. (in Thai)
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  • Akharawatthanakun, Phinnarat. 2004 'Lao' and 'Thai': The confusion of ethnic names. In Krisdawan Hongladarom and Chantima Iamanon, ed. Mong Sangkhom Phaan Waathakam (Seeing the Societies through Speech). Bangkok: Chulalongkorn University Press, 135-163. (in Thai)
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  • Akharawatthanakun, Phinnarat. 2002 Tonal variations and changes in a language mixture area: A case study of Northeastern Thailand (Isan). MANUSYA 5.2 (September 2002), 30-51.

Carlos M. Benitez-Torres

M.A. linguistics, University of Texas, Arlington Carlos Benitez

Areas of interest:
  1. Sociolinguistics, language contact issues
  2. Discourse
  3. Grammar
  4. Translation
Selected Bibliography:
  • Benítez-Torres, Carlos M. 2009 Inflectional vs. Derivational Morphology in Tagdal (Northern Songhay): a Case of Language Mixing. In Selected Proceedings of the 38th Conference on African Linguistics. ed. Fiona McLaughlin, Matondo Masungu, and Eric Potsdam, 69-83 Somerville, Ma.: Cascadilla Proceedings Project.
  • Benítez-Torres, Carlos M. 2005 Review of Nicolaï 2005, Journal of West African Languages. 32.1.: 188-191.

Arthur Cooper

M.A. Linguistics, University of Texas, Arlington, TX, 1991 Art

Areas of interest:
  1. Sociolinguistics, Translation
  2. Phonology, Acoustic phonetics
  3. Tibeto-Burman, Loloish, Lahu Si
Selected Bibliography
  • 2002   The Lahu Shi people. In Minority language orthography in Thailand: five case studies. ed. by TU-SIL-LRDP Committee. Bangkok: TU-SIL-LRDP Committee. pp. 39-52.
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  • 1991   The geometry of Japanese geminate consonants. M.A. Thesis.

Douglas M. Fraiser

Ph.D. Interdisciplinary Ecology (concentration in Anthropology), Douglas
University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
Honors: C. T. York Presidential Fellow, 2007

Areas of interest:
  1. Anthropology
  2. Community Development
Selected Bibliography
  • 2007   Loggers, Settlers, and Tribesmen in the Mountain Forests of the Philippines: the Evolution of Indigenous Social Organization in Response to Environmental Invasions. Ph.D. dissertation, University of Florida.
  • 2000   Land conflict of the Cotabato Manobo people. Philippine Studies 49:215-235.
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  • 1997   Literacy and the economic context: the cultural dimension of development. INNOTECH Journal 21(2):1–11.

William Hanna

M.A. Linguistics, University of Texas, Arlington, TX, 1981. Bill

Areas of interest:
  1. Translation
  2. Lexicography
  3. Tai, Tai Lue
Selected Bibliography
  • 2010. Twenty functional categories compared between Thai and Lue. Chiang Mai: Payap University.
  • 2012. Dai Lue—English dictionary. Chiang Mai: Silkworm Books.
  • 2013. Elaborate expressions in Dai Lue. Linguistics of the Tibeto-Burman Area 36.1.33-56
  • Current research: Classifiers in Sipsongpanna Dai Lue.

Elissa Ikeda

Ph.D. Applied Linguistics, University of California, Los Angeles, 2007 Elissa Ikeda

Areas of interest:
  1. Tibeto-Burman languages
  2. honetics/Phonology
  3. Language in Social Interaction
  4. Discourse Analysis
  5. Second Language Acquisition
Selected bibliography:
  • 2015. Fricative Rhotics in Nusu. Poster Presentation with Sigrid Lew at the 18th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences, Glascow, Scotland August 10-14, 2015.
  • 2014. Retroflex Consonants: Multiple Paths of Development. Presented at the 20th Himalayan Languages Symposium, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, July 16-18, 2014.
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  • 2007. "Preparing for Partnership: Language Socialization in a Missionary Training Program". Ph.D. Dissertation. University of California, Los Angeles.
  • 2006. Ideologies of Language Learning: Classroom Narratives as a Crucial Site for Implementation. Presented at the Ethnography in Education Research Forum, University of Pennsylvania, February 24, 2006.
  • 2003. Ikeda, Elissa and Olga Griswold (Editors). Crossroads of Language, Interaction, and Culture, Vol. 5.

Douglas Inglis (on PhD study leave)

M.A. Linguistics, University of Texas, Arlington, TX, 1996. Doug

Areas of interest:
  1. Language Documentation
  2. Tai (Khamti Shan)
  3. Semantics/Grammar
  4. Cognitive Linguistics
Selected bibliography:
  • 2014   This Here Thing: Specifying Morphemes an3, nai1, mai2 in Tai Khamti Reference-point Constructions. PhD dissertation. University of Alberta.
  • 2013   Oral Stop Consonants in Tai Khamti: An Acoustic Study in Voice Onset Time. Paper presented at the 46th International Conference on Sino-Tibetan Languages and Linguistics. Dartmouth College, USA.
  • 2013   Deictic mai2 'here' as an Object Marker in Khamti Shan: a Tibeto-Burman Influence in Tai? Paper presented at the 46th International Conference on Sino-Tibetan Languages and Linguistics. Dartmouth College, USA.
  • 2013   Reference-point Constructions in Tai Khamti Using the Proximal Deictic mai2. Paper presented at the International Cognitive Linguistics Conference 20113 University of Alberta, Canada.
  • 2011   From Deictic to Object Marking in Tai Khamti: A Cognitive Grammar Account. Paper presented at the International Cognitive Linguistics Conference 2011. Xian, China.
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  • 2004   Cognitive Grammar and Lexicography. Payap University Graduate School.
  • 2003   A Preliminary Phonology of the Ngochang Language. Paper presented at the 36th Annual Sino-Tibetan Conference on Languages and Linguistics. La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia.
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  • 1997   Salience Hierarchy in a Molbog Text. Journal of Translation and Textlinguistics, Vol 9:1-14.

Dr. Sigrid Lew

Sigrid LewPhD in general linguistics, Christian-Albrechts University, Kiel, Germany, 1993. Major: General Linguistics. 1st Minor: Phonetics. 2nd Minor: Historical Linguistics. Dissertation topic ‘Die Entwicklung der Funktionsweise des Lautsystems im fruhen monolingualen Spracherwerb [The functional development of the sound system in early monolingual language acquisition]’.

Research interests:
  • Phonetics, phonology, morphology, orthography, translation.
  • 2015. Ikeda, Elissa & Lew, Sigrid. Fricative Rhotics in Nusu. Proceedings of the 18th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences 10-14. August 2015, SECC Glasgow, Scotland, UK.
  • 2014 A linguistic analysis of the Lao writing system and its suitability or minority language orthographies. Writing Systems Research, 6(1), 25-40.
  • 2013 A phonological description of Western Bru, Sakon. With Thomas Charles Tebow II. Mon-Khmer Studies Journal 42.127-139.
Conference presentations:
  • 2015 Ikeda, Elissa & Lew, Sigrid. Alveolar Fricative Rhotics in Nusu. Poster presented at the 18th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences, 10-14 August 2015, Glasgow, UK.
  • 2014 The phonetic realization of voice quality in Louma Uishui. Paper presented at the 24th Annual Meeting of the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society, May 28-31 2014.Yangon, Myanmar.
  • 2012 A phonetic description of Burmese obstruents. With Cooper, Beau, Cooper, Lisa. Paper presented at the 45th International Conference on Sino-Tibetan Languages and Linguistics, 26-28 October 2012, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.
  • 2012 Phonation and tone in Nusu. With Elissa Ikeda. Powerpoint presented at the 45th International Conference on Sino-Tibetan Languages and Linguistics, 26-28 October 2012, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

Linda Markowski

M.A. Linguistics, Payap University, Chiang Mai, Thailand, 2005. Linda

Areas of interest:
  1. Phonetics, Phonology, and Orthography
  2. Literacy and Multi-Lingual Education
  3. Eastern Mon-Khmer, Katuic, So
Selected bibliography:
  • 2009 So Orthography Committee and Revision Process. In PYU Working Papers in Linguistics 5, Audra Phillips (ed.). Chiang Mai, Thailand: Payap University Linguistics Department. (Available online)
  • 2005 A comparative study of Kuy varieties in Cambodia. Chiang Mai, Thailand: Payap University MA thesis. (Available online)
  • 2005 A rapid appraisal survey of Kuy dialects spoken in Cambodia.(with Noel Mann). SIL Electronic Survey Reports 2005-018. Dallas, Texas: SIL International. (Available online)

Wyn Owen

PhD Statistics University of Newcastle upon Tyne 1991 Wyn
MA Linguistics Payap University 2008

Areas of interest:
  1. Phonetics; Phonology; Tone
  2. Tai-Kadai: Tai Khuen; Tai Laing
  3. Language Assessment
  4. Sociolinguistics
  5. Quantitative Methods
Selected bibliography:
  • 2015. Tai Khuen Phonology and Orthography. Presented at the 25th Meeting of the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society, Payap University, Chiang Mai.
  • 2013. An Introduction to Tai Laing: Phonology, Orthography and Sociolinguistic Context. Presented at the 23rd Meeting of the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok.
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  • 2008. Language Use, Literacy, and Phonological Variation in Khuen. Chiang Mai: Payap University MA Thesis.
  • 2004. A Preliminary Phonology of Khuen Muang Lang. Presented at the 14th Meeting of the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society, Thammasat University, Bangkok.

Audra Phillips (Assistant Professor) (on PhD study leave)

M.A. Linguistics, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR, 1988. Audra

Areas of interest:
  1. Syntax
  2. Phonology and orthography design
  3. Tibeto-Burman, Karenic, Pwo Karen
Selected bibliography:
  • 2009a   Handbook on Adverbials. ms.
  • 2009b   Lexical Similarity in Pwo Karen. In PYU Working Papers in Linguistics 5, Audra Phillips (ed.). Chiang Mai, Thailand: Payap University Linguistics Department. (Available online)
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  • 1996    Dialect comparison among the Pwo Karen of Central Thailand. Proceedings of the Fourth International Symposium on languages and linguistics, Vol. III:1122-1162.

Thomas M. Tehan (Assistant Professor)

Ph.D. History and Philosophy of Education, University of Kansas, 1987. Tom

Areas of interest:
  1. Discourse analysis and text linguistics
  2. Translation theory and methods
  3. Socio-Cultural linguistics and Endangered Languages
Selected bibliography:

Wayne Lunsford

Ph.D. International Development, William Carey Wayne
International University, CA, USA, 2006-2011
M.A. Linguistics, University of Texas at Arlington, USA, 1995-2001

Areas of interest:
  1. Language Development Methods
  2. Capacity development
  3. Mentoring
  4. Indo-Aryan languages
  5. Grammar
Selected Bibliography
  • 2011   Applying a Learner-Directed Training Approach in Non-Western Contexts. William Carey International University.
  • 2008   Building Local Capacity Through Mentoring. Peshawar, Pakistan: Frontier Language Institute.
  • 2001   An Overview of Linguistic Structures in Torwali, a Language of Northern Pakistan. Unpublished MA thesis. University of Texas at Arlington.

Chris Wilde

Ph.D. Linguistics, Helsinki University, Finland 2008 Chris Wilde

Areas of interest:
  1. Indo-Aryan and Tibeto-Burman languages
  2. Phonetics, phonology and orthography development
  3. Field linguistics
Selected presentations and articles:
  • 2011. A comparative study of the labial-palatal approximants in Gamale Kham: A preliminary investigation. Paper presented at the 32nd Annual Conference of the Linguistic Society of Nepal, Kathmandu, November 2011.
  • 2011. Observations on the phonology of Gamale Kham. Himalayan Linguistics 10.1:273-290.
  • 2008. A Sketch of the Phonology and Grammar of Rajbanshi. Publications of the Department of General Linguistics, University of Helsinki, 43. Ph.D. dissertation. (E-publication:
  • 2006. Tense neutralisation and discourse cohesion in oral narratives in Far-Western Rajbanshi. Paper presented at the 12th Himalayan Languages Symposium / 27th Annual Conference of the Linguistic Society of Nepal, Kathmandu, November 2006.
  • 2005. Notes on Rajbanshi phonology and orthography development. In Yogendra Yadava, Govinda Bhattarai, Ram Raj Lohani, Balaram Prasain and Krishna Parajuli, eds., Contemporary Issues in Nepali Linguistics, 421-428. Kathmandu: Linguistic Society of Nepal.
  • 2001. Phonological analysis of the Limi dialect of Humla Bhotia. MA Thesis: Helsinki University. (E-publication:

Additional Faculty

George Bedell

Ph.D. Linguistics, MIT, Cambridge, MA, USA, 1968 George Bedell

Areas of interest:
  1. Morphosyntax, Phonology, Semantics
  2. East Asian languages: Japanese, Chinese
  3. Tibeto-Burman: Kuki-Chin
  4. Quechua, Nahuatl
  5. History of Linguistics in Asia
Selected Bibliography:
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  • 1968 Kokugaku Grammatical Theory. Unpublished dissertation, MIT.

Stephen H. Doty

Ph.D. Translation Studies, University of Auckland, New Zealand, 2007. Steve

Areas of interest:
  1. Bible translation
  2. Language learning
  3. Morphology and syntax
Selected bibliography:
  • 2007   The Paradigm Shift in Bible Translation in the Modern Era, With Special Focus on Thai. PhD dissertation, University of Auckland.
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David Eberhard

Ph.D. Linguistics, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2009 Dave

Areas of interest:
  1. Non-linear Phonology
  2. Morphology
  3. Amazonian linguistics
  4. Mamaindê language and the Nambikwara Language family
  5. Sociolinguistics
  6. Language contact, language ecology and language shift
  7. Language development of minoritized languages/endangered languages
Selected bibliography:
  • (forthcoming). The Sustainable Use Model and the languages of Sabah. Paper presented at the Borneo Research Council Conference, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia: UNIMAS Press.
  • (forthcoming). The Guide to Planning the Future of Our Language. (co-authored by Almeida, Anonby, Eberhard, Hanawalt, Roche, Varenkamp). Dallas: SIL International.
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  • 1995. Mamaindê Stress: the need for strata. Arlington, Texas: UTA/SIL Publications in Linguistics Series (154 pages).

Janice Stefaniw

M.A. Social Science, Azusa Pacific University, Azusa, CA, 1990 Janice
Certificate in Bible Translation Consulting Course, Jerusalem, Israel, 2013

Areas of interest:
  1. Translation
  2. Communication theory
  3. Training and mentoring translators and translation consultants
  4. Sociolinguistics
  5. Bible translation consulting
  6. Bible story consulting
Selected bibliography:
  • 2004 I will praise the Lord at all times. Leader's Touch, Jan/Feb 2005, edited by Elizabeth Hightower. Springfield, MO: Gospel Publishing House.
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