Graduates & Theses

Graduates & Theses


1 Rujirat Chaisang
Project: Participant identification in a selection of Thai narratives.
2 Sukchai Chawla
Project: A comparison of cohesion in a selection of Thai and Punjabi narratives.


3 Kirk Person, PhD
Thesis: Discourse considerations in the hortatory speech of Phra Phayom.
PhD in Linguistics, University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, Texas
Current job: Director for External Affairs, SIL MSEAG


4 Chaiyathip Katsura
Thesis: An analysis of cohesion in Sgaw Karen folk narratives.
Current job: Instructor, Mae Fah Luang University English Department


5 Sarep Hpung
Thesis: A study of the morphology of verbs and nouns of the Sinwal dialect of the Rawang language.
Current job: NGO Language Development Worker


6 Maran Ja Gun
Project: A translation of Maumwi ‘The Jinghpaw origin myth’ and an ethno-semantic analysis of U ‘birds’.
Current job: Dean of Kachin Theological Seminary
7 Amnuayporn Chowyong
Thesis: A study of final particles in conversational Tai Lue at Donchai village, Pua district, Nan province.
Current job: English teacher, Dara Academy


8 Usitara Juntawieng
Thesis: A discourse study of a selection of the Northern Thai sermons of PhraKhru Sophon Boonyaphorn (Tuu Cok).
PhD in Linguistics, LaTrobe University, Australia
Current job: Instructor at Mae Fah Luang University, Chiang Rai


9 Anongporn Kongtong
Project: Some difficulties in translation from English into Thai: with application to the book ‘Understanding and guiding teenagers’.
Current job: Language Development, Northern Thailand
10 Suzanne Renee Person
Thesis: The story of Mae Laa: A discourse analysis of a Northern Thai first person life history in its cultural context.
Current job: English instructor, Chitralada School


11 Margaret Ukosakul
Thesis: Conceptual metaphors motivating the use of Thai ‘face’.
Current job: Part-time Instructor
12 Christopher Thomas
Thesis: A study of the verb phrase in Chodri.
Current job: Director, Indian Institute of Cross-Cultural Communication
13 Vasantha Vembu
Thesis: A study of clause and sentence structure in the Chodri language, Gujarat, India.
Current job: Instructor, Indian Institute of Cross-Cultural Communication
14 Tej Jirel
Thesis: Selected Discourse Features of Jirel Folk Narratives.
Current job: General Secretary, Nepal Bible Society, Nepal
15 Jenvit Suknaphasawat
Thesis: A phonological description of the Lahu Bakeo language.
Current job: Language Researcher on ‘Plang’


16 Saw Lar Baa
Thesis: The phonological basis of a Sgaw and Northwest Karenic Orthography.
Current job: Pastor
17 Rikio Teruya
Thesis: The conceptual structure of love and related emotions in part Three of the Japanese novel ‘Kokoro’.
Part-time Instructor & Businessman


18 Khoi Lam Thang
Thesis: A phonological reconstruction of Proto Chin.
Current job: General Secretary, Myanmar Bible Society


19 Chutiphan (Suteera) Keerakittiwat
Thesis: A semantic analysis of Thai proverbs and metaphors about women.


20 Sengfa Horanuphaap
Thesis: Final Particles in Vientiane Lao.
Current job: Instructor, Lao language for foreigners, National University of Laos
21 Noel Kya Heh
Thesis: A Descriptive Study of Akha Sentence Final Particles.
Current job: Language assessment
22 Sudruetai Arunsirot
Thesis: A phonological study of three Central Karenic Languages.
Current job: Assistant in President’s Office, Payap University, Chiangmai
23 Waraporn Chaikuna
Thesis: The analysis of clause structure of Lahu Shi.
Current job: Instructor, Rajaphat Institute, Chiangmai
24 Phuong Vi Vo
Thesis: Conceptual Metaphors of Love in Vietnamese: An analysis of selected poems and songs, past and present.
Current job: Instructor, Vietnam
25 Duong Tan Le
Thesis: A phonological comparison of Koho and Maa varieties.
Current job: Instructor, Vietnam


26 Jamin Pelkey
Thesis: Phowa Verbal Semantics.
PhD in Linguistics, LaTrobe University, Australia
Current job: Assistant Professor at Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada
27 Saw Myar Doo
Thesis: A Phonological Comparison of Selected Karenic Language Varieties of Kayah State.
Current job: Translator
28 Prang Thiengburanathum, PhD
Thesis: Aspect and Evidentials in Lahushi: A Cognitive Perspective.
PhD in Linguistics, LaTrobe University, Australia
Current job: Instructor in Linguistics Department at Payap University, Chiang Mai
29 Chauron Zhou
Thesis: Discourse cohesion in three west-central Thailand Pwo Karen folktales.
Current job: Instructor, Yuxi Teacher’s College, Yuxi, Yunnan, China
30 Duan Lei (Christina)
Thesis: A Sociolinguistic Study of Language Use and Language Attitudes among the Bai People in Jianchuan County, China.
Current job: Language researcher in China
31 Xinyi Zhao (Naomi)
Thesis: Translation Theory in the Chinese Context: A comparative approach.
Current job: Instructor in China
32 Jaranya Thepphornbanchakit, PhD
Thesis: A discourse analysis of the plot and profile of M.R. Kukrit Pramote’s short story, “Mom”.
PhD from Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Current job: Asst. Dean of International College at Payap University, Chiang Mai
33 Natnapang Burutphakdee
Thesis: Khon muang neu kap phasa muang: Attitudes of Northern Thai youth towards Kammuang and the Lanna script.
Current job: Instructor in English Department at Payap University, Chiang Mai


34 Maliwan Tuwakham
Thesis: Language vitality and language attitudes among the Yong people in Lamphun Province: A Sociolinguistic Study.
Current job: Instructor in English Department at Payap University, Chiang Mai
35 Ji Hongli
Thesis: A study of language use and language attitudes among the Bisu speakers in China and Thailand.
Current job: Instructor, Yuxi Teacher’s College, Yuxi, Yunnan, China
36 Linda Marie Markowski
Thesis: A comparative study of Kuy varieties in Cambodia.
Current job: Lecturer, Linguistics Department, Payap University; and Language researcher in Isan, Thailand


37 Kayoko Nagakura
Thesis: Elements of Ngo Chang grammar.
Current job: Businesswoman
38 Tatsuro Daniel Arisawa
Thesis: A storyline analysis in Iu-Mienh narrative discourse with some insights from cognitive linguistics.
Current job: Language researcher in Thailand; Lecturer in linguistics at Chiangrai Rajabhat University
39 Minh Thi Tuyet Pham
Thesis: Headhunters and wild pigs: Aspects of Mae Hong Son Shan narrative discourse.
40 Kitjipol Udomkol
Thesis: A Phonological Reconstruction of Proto-Bisoid.
Current job: Q.C. for English usage, Sarasas Witaed Chiang Mai School
41 Kee Shein Mang
Thesis: A syntactic and pragmatic description of verb stem alternation in K’cho, a Chin language.
Current job: Language assessment


42 Apiradee (Baep) Chantanaroj
Thesis: A Preliminary Sociolinguistic Survey of Selected Tai Nua Speech Varieties.
Current job: Language researcher
43 Khar Thuan
Thesis: A Phonological Description of Falam Chin.
Current job: Language assessment


44 Robert Wyn Owen
Thesis: Language Use, Literacy and Phonological Variation in Khuen.
Current job: Lecturer, Linguistics Department, Payap University
45 Markus Steeb
Thesis: Discourse functions of right-dislocated repetition and other repetition structures in Khmu oral narratives.
Current job: Language researcher
46 Naw Hsar Shee
Thesis: A Descriptive Grammar of Geba Karen.
Current job: Instructor, MIT
47 Amber Morris
Thesis: Selected discourse features of Lahu Shi folk narrative.
Current job: Language researcher
48 Sa Mollay Kya Heh
Thesis: A sociolinguistic study of Lahu Aga: Synchronic comparison with Lahu Na and Lahi Si.
Current job: Language researcher
49 Emily Lewis
Thesis: Grammatical studies of Man Noi Plang.
Current job: Language researcher
50 Eddie Clark
Thesis: A phonological analysis and comparison of two Kim Mun varieties in Laos and Vietnam.
Current job: Language researcher


51 David Greninger
Thesis: Aspects of discourse prominence in Solu Sherpa oral stories of personal experience.
Current job: Language researcher
52 Gillian Day
Thesis: The Doi Chom Phu Bisu Noun Phrase.
Current job: Language researcher
53 Upai Jasa
Thesis: Aspects of Discourse Cohesion in Lahu Si Folktales.
Current job: Language researcher
54 Vong Tsuh Shi
Thesis: Discourse Studies of Makuri Naga Narratives.
Current job: Language researcher
55 Anne Osborne
Thesis: Who’s Who in Khmu’: Referring expressions and participant identification in selected Khmu’ narrative texts.
Current job: Language researcher
56 Jerod Harper
Thesis: Phonological Descriptions of Plang spoken in Man Noi, La Gang, and Bang Deng Villages (in China)


57 Kari Gustafson
Thesis: Testing a Method for Evaluating Key Translation Terms Using Bisu
Current job: Language researcher
58 Tom Tebow
Thesis: An analysis of Participant Reference in Bru Narrative Texts as spoken in Khok Sa-at Village
Current job: Language researcher
59 Ohn Mar Htun Gwa
Thesis: A comparison of imperfectivity in Leinong Naga, Burmese, and Lisu
Current job: Language researcher
60 Wendy Chamberlain
Thesis: Language Maintenance in a Displaced People Group: a Sociolinguistic Study of the Nepali Speech Community in Chiang Mai, Thailand
61 Tsuyoshi Midomaru
Thesis: An Adaptation of the Total Literacy System for the Evaluation of Bilingual Education Among Minority Nationalities in Southwest China
Current job: Lecturer, Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade, China
62 Ahsi James Wayesha
Thesis: A Phonological Description of Leinong Naga
Current job: Language researcher
63 Elizabeth (Liz) Meister
Thesis: An Investigation of Multi-Verb Constructions in Hmong Ntsuab
64 Jennifer Engelkemier
Thesis: Aspects of Bru Kok Sa-at Grammar Based on Narrative Texts
65 Krisda Tan
Thesis: Adjectives in Singaporean Hokkien
66 Ellie Hall
Thesis: A Phonology of Muak Sa-aak
Current job: Language Researcher
67 Matt Headlin
Thesis: An Investigation of the Relationship Between the Kyirong, Y๏ฟฝlmo, and Standard Spoken Tibetan Speech Varieties
68 La Maung Htay (Matthew)
Thesis: A Sociolinguistic Survey of Three Lisu Dialects
Current job: Language Researcher
69 Kristen Herr
Thesis: The Phonological Interpretation of Minor Syllables, Applied to Lemi Chin
Current job: Language Researcher
70 Naw Veronica
Thesis: The Phonology Of Dermuha and a Phonological and Lexical Comparison Between Dermuha, Sgaw Karen and Pwo Karen


71 Juliette Kletzing
Thesis: Discourse Segments And Prominence in Herodotus๏ฟฝ Scythian Narrative
Current job: Teaching English for Immigrants
72 Timothy Edwards
Thesis: Participant Reference in Tai Dam Narrative Discourse
Current job: Language Researcher
73 Tan Hoong Yen (Alicia)
Thesis: Using Hmong in Pre-Primary Education in Thailand: An Evaluation of Orthography Acceptance, Teacher Training and Reported Outcomes in a Pilot Project
74 Arene Artz
Thesis: A comparison of participant reference in Thai love songs and the Song of Solomon
Current job: Language Researcher
75 Joshua Drake
Thesis: From Written Source to Radio Script to Live Performance of Mandarin Chinese Narratives
Current job: Language Researcher
76 Britte-Catherine Gorton
Thesis: Aspects of Discourse Prominence in Selected Mandarin Chinese Children’s Stories
Current job: Linguist
77 Ma Seng Mai
Thesis: A Descriptive Grammar of Wa
Current job: Language Researcher
78 Naw Khu Shee
Thesis: Assessing the Impact of Using the National Language Instead of the Learners’ Mother Tongue in Primary Education in Myanmar
79 Nader Kamyab
Thesis: A Comparative Study of Five Persian Bible Translations
Current job: Translator
80 Sharon Verner
Thesis: Language Vitality of a Thai Immigrant Speech Community, King County, WA, USA
81 Terry Adams
Thesis: Linguistic Evidence: Grammaticality Judgments and Serial Verb Constructions In Thai
82 Naw Bar Hso Wah
Thesis: The Grammaticalization of Ba in Sgaw Karen
Current job: Teacher (Liberal Arts Program: Karen Baptist Theologial Seminary)
83 Kirstie Swanson
Thesis: Serial Verb Constructions in Bwe Karen
Current job: Curriculum Developer


84 Nye Wu
Thesis: A Sociolinguistic Study of the Vitality of Anung (Anong) In Myanmar
Current job: Language Researcher
85 Myint Myint Phyu
Thesis: A Sociolinguistic Survey of Selected Meung Yum and Savaiq Varieties
Current job: Language Researcher
86 Phung Wei Ping
Thesis: A Phonological Description of Meung Yum and Phonological Comparison of Meung Yum with Three Wa Dialects In China


87 Gregory Robert Blok
Thesis: A Descriptive Grammar of Eastern Lawa
88 Hsa Eh Ywar
Thesis: A Grammar of Kayan Lahta
89 Wai Lin Aung
Thesis: A Descriptive Grammar of Kayah Monu
90 Janice Hillmer
Thesis: An Ethnographic Study of Language Use in a Multilingual Education Program in Thailand
91 Christopher Ian Clugston
Thesis: Genre Analysis of Self Defense Web Advertisements
92 Maung Maung Tun
Thesis: A Sociolinguistic Survey of Selected Bisoid Varieties: Pyen, Laomian and Laopin
93 Mateus Froes Napoli
Thesis: Studies on the verb complex of Santa Mongolian
94 Tiffany Rae Barkman
Thesis: A descriptive grammar of Jejara (Para Naga)
95 Rose Marie P. Campos
Thesis: Language Attitudes among Agusan Manobo Speakers in the Philippines
96 Yrrah Jane S. Epo
Thesis: Discourse Analysis of Suyot: A Hanunuo-Mangyan Folk Narrative
97 SethVitrano-Wilson Seth Vitrano-Wilson
Thesis: Comparing the Readability of Syllable Spacing and Word Spacing in Hmong Daw

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