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Institute of Religion, Culture and Peace (IRCP)

Funding Goal: US$600,000 for Endowment to fund Director's position

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The Institute of Religion, Culture and Peace (formerly called the Institute for the Study of Religion and Culture) was established at Payap University in 1996 . The Institute's primary goals are to foster increased mutual appreciation and cooperation among the world's different religious communities, thus contributing to greater inter-religious and intra-religious understanding among all peoples everywhere; and to undertake, and develop new ways to carry out, peacemeaking and peacebuilding activities. The Director of IRCP is directly involved with every aspect of this mission.

The Institute also serves as a center for research into the religion and culture of Thailand and Southeast Asia.

The institute plans to offer a Ph.D. program at Payap in Peacemaking and Peacebuilding beginning in 2009. This will be the first Ph.D.program at the University. In additional, the institute is developing a General Education course in Peace and Reconciliation. This course will be required of all undergraduate students at Payap beginning in June 2009. The course will be a model for Thai higher education and the Thai government is supporting the effort. The IRCP will be working closely with other departments at the University and offering special lectures on the subject of Peace and Conflict Transformation in preparation for their faculty members to join in teaching this course.

An endowment to fund the Director's position will assist the IRCP in continuing its important mission in Religion and Peace. The University has already raised over US$100,000 for the endowment, but that among is still short of the stated goal of US$600,000 for this endeavor.