Dr. Ratanaporn Sethakul

Dr. Ratanaporn Sethakul
Associate Professor of History, Thai and Southeast Asian Studies

Prof. Sethakul grew up in Chiang Mai, Thailand and completed a BA and MA in History from Chulalongkorn University (Bangkok) and then a Ph.D. in History from Northern Illinois University. Considered a significant authority on Northern Thai ("Lanna") history, Dr. Sethakul has published numerous articles and books in both Thai and English on this subject. Her current research involves the history of the Tai-speaking peoples in the area of mainland Southeast Asia, particularly Northern Thailand, Lao, Myanmar and Southern China. She also researches the local histories of Thailand, social and cultural history of ethnic groups in Northern Thailand and related issues of tourism.

Dr. Sethakul spent the Fall 2010 Semester (August-December) as a Visiting Professor in Asian Studies at St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York (USA).

Publications in English

"Political Relations between Chiang Mai and Kengtung in the Nineteenth Century" in Changes in Northern Thailand and the Shan States , 1886-1940, Singapore: Southeast Asian Studies Program, 1988.

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Publications in Thai

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