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Last but not least, it was my first time going somewhere and living on my own. I was scared, but the people there made me feel at home. They were very friendly, especially my roommate. She’s an African-American, and she loved Asian culture so it gave us tons of things to talk about all the time. Read more...

As part of the Institute of South East Asian Studies (ISEAS), Payap University's Study Abroad Program gives full-time degree-seeking undergraduate students enrolled at Payap an opportunity to study in another country and experience life outside of Thailand for one term or one academic year.  There are many different opportunities.  Students are not required to be a Thai citizen to study abroad through the program; the student simply needs to be enrolled at Payap and have completed at least one year of study at Payap prior to going abroad.  Students of all nationalities are encouraged to participate.  For non-Thai students, Study Abroad exchange cannot be completed at a university located in the student’s home country.  Each school in the Study Abroad Program has a different arrangement with Payap University.  But students will typically pay Payap tuition, airfare, and personal expenses.

Note: The study abroad program is available for full-time degree-seeking undergraduate students only.

Contact Information

Assistant Professor Prathana Langkarpint, PhD., RN.
Study Abroad Officer
Payap University, Mae Khao Campus
Pentecost Building, Room 116