Undergraduate Programs

Payap University's International College offers the following four undergraduate programs taught in English. Click here to view Payap University's Thai programs.

Information Technology

Information Technology (IT) is a new and rapidly growing computing field with an emphasis on knowledge combined with practical, hands-on expertise. [...read more]

International Business Management

The rapid globalisation of business has created a tremendous need for broadly educated, multi-lingual workers, managers, and business leaders. Payap University has extensive and [...read more]

International Hospitality Management

Never before has tourism extended to so many countries and regions of the world. As more and more people travel, the hospitality industry worldwide faces an increasing demand for professionals [...read more]

English Communication

In an era that sees information technology playing an essential role in global communication, with English being the most significant medium for international interactions, people excelling in English [...read more]

Payap University's Thai Programs

Payap University offers many other programs in Thai.

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