About IBM Program

International Business Management (IBM) Program

The rapid globalization of world economies, and more specifically, the business world, has created a tremendous need for broadly educated, multi-lingual workers, managers, and business leaders. Payap University's core competencies include strengths in business education at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. These programs strive to provide students a comprehensive background in a full range of business disciplines, while offering this education in an environment that stresses the University's commitment to "Truth and Service."

The International Business Management (IBM) program addresses the global need for well-trained business professionals by offering Payap students a complete course of study in a wide range of business disciplines.

Objectives of the IBM program

1. To have a strong foundation in core business concepts within the context of a globalized, multi-cultural business environment. As well as the ability to take into consideration the basic principles of business ethics.

2. To understand how the world economy, business systems, and china business environment have an impact on international business management. Also to apply critical analysis towards problem-solving.

3. To be able to apply knowledge of business research, including the use of selected technological tools, and to be able to make business decisions in the international business context.

4. To develop effective business communication skills and to apply these skills in multi-cultural environments, while developing cross-cultural relationships and networks that extend beyond the academic environment.

The IBM program is committed to developing graduates who:

• Have the requisite skills to pursue Entrepreneurship.
• Have the knowledge and capability to adapt in a challenging, multi-cultural environment.
• Are ambitious and astute learners with sound business acumen.
• Are critical, rational and innovative thinkers who are confident, adaptable and capable of independent decision-making.
• Possess strong communication and human relation skills and a reflective approach to learning.
• Are readily employable and well-equipped to make an immediate impact, through rigorous classroom training, work experience, internships, and a belief in lifelong learning.
• Fully capable of becoming a leader and contributor in a global society.

Careers for IBM graduates

1) Import/export industry.
2) Financial industry, including commercial banks, investment banks, brokerage firms, and government agencies.
3) International sales and services agent.
4) International marketing department/industry.
5) International business liaison between governments and the private sector.
6) Human resource and personnel management.
7) Small business entrepreneur.
8) Researcher for think-tanks and industry.

External recognition

The IBM program has sponsored the SIFE (Student-in-Free-Enterprise) program, bringing together a diverse network of university students, academicians, and industry leaders. The objective of the SIFE program is to work towards a shared mission, helping community businesses improve all aspects of their operations to become a more efficient and sustainable private enterprise. By contributing their talents to projects that help local businesses, SIFE participants (predominately IBM students) are demonstrating that individuals with the requisite knowledge and passion for business can be a powerful force for change.
The IBM program has participated in the Thailand National SIFE competition since 2007 with the following results:
• 2nd runner-up in the SIFE national competition in the calendar year 2008.
• 2nd runner-up in the SIFE national competition in the calendar year 2009.