Office of the President

Rev. Dr. Pradit Takerngrangsarit

"The uniqueness of Payap alumni is service--willingness to serve and live with others in a way that they respect one another...graduates who are honest, sensible, responsible, and trustworthy with a sense of humanity."

-Rev. Dr. Pradit Takerngrangsarit, President

Melbourne College of Divinity (Melbourne University)
Christian Theological Seminary
BA, M.Div.
Payap University

Assistant Professor Rev. Dr. Pradit Takerngrangsarit was inaugurated as the third president of Payap University on June 1, 2006. He has spent over thirty years at Payap and is an alum of the first graduating class of Payap University. Dr. Pradit is an Old Testament scholar and spent many years teaching in the McGilvary Faculty of Theology at Payap (now the McGilvary College of Divinity) where he was the Head of the Department of Philosophy and Religion, served as the first Thai Chaplain at Payap, and was the Vice President for Student Affairs at Payap before assuming the presidency.

Dr. Pradit is proud of the ecumenical and inclusive Christian mission of Payap University which warmly welcomes students and faculty from all religious traditions and countries. Dr. Pradit is proud of the fact that students from more than 25 countries study at Payap University and sees further internationalization as a top priority. His vision is to expand Payap's educational mission to international students, continuing education adults and professionals, seminars, research, and cooperative efforts with business and government. Dr. Pradit envisions Payap continuing to reach out to the Chiang Mai community and to the world, both in terms of academic and life excellence.
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