Payap Announcement Regarding: Measures for Protection and Prevention of Covid-19 (Number 9)

  • Below is a quick translation of the announcement.
  • Please note that the translation provided below is not an official announcement. However, all important information is included.

Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19, Payap University needs to provide the guidelines as follows:

  1. Cancel all the announcements which have conflicts with this announcement.
  2. Students and staff returning from the affected red zone areas or who have risks regarding the COVID-19 infection. They need to follow the guidelines from the educational ministry strictly.
  3. Every course needs to be managed according to the guideline on the teaching and learning management during the COVID1-9 Outbreak All courses will be taught online only from 4th to 24th January 2021. Instructors can teach online from outside the campus and have a record for teaching hours and office hours in an online format or as designated by the faculty. If the teaching and learning management of any courses cannot be conducted to comply with the guidelines indicated in this announcement, the faculties/colleges are required to submit the memorandum to request approval from the Dean.
  4. For midterm exam in 2/2020, instructors and the Dean may consider adjusting the exam formats and focusing on course objectives and learning outcomes or postpone. Students must be informed in advance and instructors need to report the changes to the Office of Academic Affairs and Research.
  5. If staff have a risk of COVID-19 or have any doubt for COVID-19 infection, then they need to check or have a self-quarantine for not more than 14 days, University allows staff to use a remaining vacation leave and personal leave respectively. If there are not enough leave days as mentioned, then use sick leave as specified in the HR regulation BE 2551.


Announced on 3 January 2021

Apicha Insuwan

Interim President