Online Request for Graduation Form

Students must file an Application for Graduation early in the semester in which they intend to graduate.Failure to meet the published deadline will delay a graduation one full term.

Academic Year 2021 Application Deadlines
Semester 1 24 September 2021 16:00:00
Semester 2 18 Feb 2022 16:00:00
Semester 3 (Summer) 24 Jun 2022 16:00:00

  1. The first Apply for Graduate page displays.
  2. Go to
  3. Sign in with Payap Email username and password.
  4. Confirm your personal information.
  5. Confirm your academic records.
  6. Confirm your three graduation requirements (e.g. IT Proficiency, English Proficiency, Ethical Development Training).

The Graduation Status page displays. kamagra oral jellyIt will change over time, allowing you to confirm your major, and anticipated graduation term

  • Update address.
  • View a missing degree requirement.
  • Confirm the approval/disapproval of your graduation application (if applicable).