Financial Aid for the COVID-19 Situation, Semester 1/2021

Payap University announced the financial aid for Payap students during the COVID-19 situation in semester 1/2021

Details of Financial Aid in the COVID-19 Situation
(International program)
1st semester, the academic year 2021

Source: Finance Office, Payap University

1. For Omega Dormitory and Alpha Dormitory, the academic year 2021
(For students staying at the dormitory)
It is a one-time payment for the dormitory for semester 1/2021 and students can stay for both semester 1/2021 and semester 2/2021.

2. Credit card fees are waived

3. Current students, with student ID 63 and older, can select one of the following measures:

Measure 1: Fee reduction for COVID-19 Situation.
Fee reduction in the amount of 3,500 Baht, if making full payment for tuition fees for semester 1/2021 by 15 June 2021.

Measure 2: Three installments of tuition fees
(Please contact finance officer at the Finance Office, at Panyajarn Building)
Details of the installment are as follows.
– 1st installment: Pay 50%of the total amount on the day you contact to request a tuition payment installment By 25 June 2021.
– 2ndInstallment: Pay 25% of the total amount within 31 July 2021.
– 3rd Installment: Pay the rest of the amount within 31 August 2021.

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