Best Student Award Winners for the Academic Year 2020

Congratulations to the International College’s Best Student Award Winners for the Academic Year 2020! The Best Student Awards are annual honors presented by the International College of Payap University to recognize International College students from each department for their exemplary performance in both academic and non-academic arenas.


This year, the Best Student Awards go to:

Mr. Pyi Nyein Aung (Tiger), from the Department of International Business Management

Ms. Penpitcha Arnprayoon (Bow), from the Department of English Communication

Mr. Jufil Nazareth Badayos (Jeff), from the Department of Hospitality Industry Management

Mr. Ritthikrai Cole (First), from the Department of Information Technology


Each winner will receive an honorary certificate from the University and a 500 Baht tuition reimbursement for the Academic Year. Words of advice from our winners will also be shared throughout the International College community, to inspire all IC students to follow the standards they have set and make it on to next year’s list of Best Student award winners for the Academic Year 2021.


Congratulations to the winners for the Academic Year 2020. Keep shining!