Payap Announcement Measures to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 Work from Home, January 4-14, 2022

Because of the spread of the Omicron strain of the pandemic into many areas due to travelers crossing from one region to another, and because this will spread into educational institutions, the national center for the epidemic established in 2019 and the public health department have requested cooperation to have every institution consider measures for working from home as much as possible and to stay isolated for two weeks after travel from areas where infections are reported.  In its most recent announcement the government of Chiang Mai Province has announced requirements for government personnel who have traveled outside the province during the New Year’s holiday period beginning 28 December 2564 (2021).  Payap University thus follows suit:

     Item 1 Payap University personnel shall work from home during the period of 4-14 January 2022, in order to reduce the need to travel.  Heads of units and administrators who are vice presidents, assistants to the president as per work categories, as well as the interim president are to consider the necessity of being on-site.  For those who are working from home, workloads and evaluation measurements will be announced for the information of personnel, in accordance with the requirements of the unit so that services to students and the public are not disturbed.
     Each unit must manage to have at least 1 person on a rotation basis or on alternating days as may be consistent with the size of the unit and the number of staff available.  In case of need the overseer of the unit shall have the authority to require personnel to come to work on days and times at the supervisor’s discretion.
     Personnel who are required to come to work on campus must not have traveled outside of Chiang Mai Province during the New Year’s holiday.  If this should result in no personnel being available, the supervisor must inform the administration of this quickly.

      Item 2 All staff and instructors who have been officially hired by Payap University, if they are unable to work on campus because of having traveled or been exposed to the epidemic, they shall open communication channels to conduct their classes or meetings on-line.

      Item 3 All units shall set up communication channels to conduct meetings, to report results of work to supervisors, as well as to conduct work both inside and outside the institution, by using such channels as Line, Zoom, Microsoft Team or whatever method may be most appropriate.

      Item 4 Scheduling and conducting classes during the second semester of the academic year 2564 shall proceed as previously announced on October 15.

      Item 5 Personnel who have traveled outside the province during the holiday shall inform the university of those travels and shall take a COVID-19 Antigen Test and report the results (via a photograph of the ATK instrument along with the date of the test) to the supervisor of the person’s work unit, as well as to observe self-monitoring procedures (to check for symptoms of infection) for a period of 14 days if there are any irregular symptoms.
     Each work unit shall compile and send data about these travel and virus test results to the human resource department by 3 January 2022 so that a report can be made on 4 January to the provincial office.

     Item 6 All personnel and students shall self-evaluate using the Thai Save Thai form compiled by the Public Health Department so that they may study the COVID-19 pandemic risks.

     Item 7 Activities that involve large numbers of people and provide opportunities for the spread of the pandemic shall be suspended, or shall be conducted according to Chiang Mai Province guidelines as stipulated by the Public Health Department and the National Disease Control Center.  Sanitary masks or cloth masks must be worn when out in the open or inside anywhere in the institution in order to comply with regulations established by the Chiang Mai Provincial government.

     Item 8 In the event of difficulties in complying with these regulations, exceptions shall be at the discretion of the Interim President.

Signed on 1 January 2022 by the Interim President