Registration Dates for the Online Life Excellence workshops for IC Students (2/2021)

International College students (undergraduate) register for the Online Life Excellence workshops through this website:

  1. Registration dates for Online Life Excellence (W1-W5) Second Semester/2021 is 10-23 January 2022.
  2. After registering successfully, use the id number given as the “password” to enter the workshop “room” in MS Teams.
  3. When you have completed your worksheets, hand them in through the MS Teams system no later than 22 April 2022. However, if they are not done correctly, you may not pass the workshop.

Additional Information

  1. Students may register for 2 workshops per semester. But students must register for them in order from W1 through W5.
  2. Students can download reflection forms for W6 (Community service) on the website
  3. For questions and more information call 053-851478 (ext. 262, 263, 7809)

ANNOUNCED BY   The Chapel Office   ANNOUNCED DATE   6 January 2022