Payap University Announcement RE: Guidelines for Onsite Learning 1/2022

Below is a quick translation of the announcement.

Referred to Chiang Mai Communicable Disease Committee 39/2565 RE: Measures for using the buildings for teaching and learning dated 24 May 2022, Payap University has issued a set of guidelines for on-site learning, to resume classes as normal in 1st semester academic year 2022:

1. Cancel all orders, announcements, or guidelines which were against this announcement and use these guidelines.

2. In 1/2022, classes and exams will be set in a regular (Onsite) format with the following guidelines:

– Distance between students is at least 1 meter.
– Instructors and students must always wear masks and follow the universal prevention for COVID-19 and DMHT-RC (or social distancing, mask wearing, hand washing, temperature testing, reducing crowdedness, and cleaning), SSET-CQ (or self-care, using serving spoon, eating hot foods, tracking movement, checking oneself, and quarantine) and guidelines for educational institutions.

3. Instructors and students assess their conditions via the Thai Save Thai system. If there are symptoms, do not go to classrooms. COVID-19 ATK (Antigen Test Kit) tests must be taken immediately if symptoms are developed. If the result is negative, then they can resume to the classrooms, but keep distances from others for 5-7 days or until they are shown to be clear of infection.

4. High-risk students with no symptoms, always wear a mask and avoid contact and observe themselves for 5-7 days.

5. Infected students must inform their advisor and course instructors and faculty/college, and isolate themselves at home or follow the measures defined by the Ministry of Public Health.

For the classes with infected students, instructors manage the hybrid or online classes according to the measures defined by the Ministry of Public Health, upon the day of confirmation by infected students, so students in question can attend the classes. The change of class formats must be approved by the department head, dean, and vice president of academic affairs respectively.

If students reside in the university’s dormitory, they must inform the dorm manager and quarantine in the isolation.

Infected instructors must quarantine at home and follow the measures defined by the Ministry of Public Health. They will teach online until the last day of self-quarantine.

6. If there are any problems, the interim president’s consideration is final.

This announcement is effective from 27th June 2022 onwards.

(Apicha Insuwan)
Interim President
Announced on 21st June 2022.