Life Excellence Workshop W1 on 14 Sept 2022

Ethical Development Workshops for Students
(Life Excellence)


Beginning in 2016, The Office of the Chaplain has developed a series of workshops to strengthen the ethical development of all undergraduate level students. The workshops introduce the 5 Core
Principles of the work of Payap University. Students are required to participate in the five workshops, W1 – W5 and also complete W6 (20 hours of community service).

Core Principle 1 (W1) Transformation toward True Peace (Shalom)
Core Principle 2 (W2) Faithful Stewardship
Core Principle 3 (W3) Service through Vocation
Core Principle 4 (W4) Build Trust through Truth
Core Principle 5 (W5) Delight in Diversity and Global Awareness
Community Service (W6) Do a minimum of 20 hours of community service using the core principles anytime during the years of study.

How it works

Workshops W1 – W5 are offered online. Students must use a number that is given through registering to take a workshop through the MS-Teams system. Students may register for the workshops from Wednesday, September 1, 2021 through Wednesday, September 15, 2021 through the Online Life Excellence system ( After registering for a workshop through MS-Teams, students will need to download a worksheet to use and fill in while watching the workshop. Students are also requested to fill in the evaluation form provided in a link after doing the workshop.

1. Worksheets should be handed in through the MS-Teams system. The final day they will be accepted is Friday, November 26, 2021. Alternatively, they may be filled out on paper and
handed in to the Office of the Chaplain in the Eccumenics Building directly behind the Pentecost Building (next to the Henry Luce Chapel).

2. W6 – Community Service – Students must collect at least 20 hours of community service during their time of study and then reflect on how they used the core principles of Payap when they did the community service. Projects may be initiated by students or other organizations or by departments or groups of Payap University.
Reflection forms can be downloaded from the Online Life Excellence website ( to be used as the basis of reflecting on using the 5 core principles.
Students must provide some evidence that the work was performed by including photos or letters of thanks or signatures of advisors or teachers who confirm the projects/hours were completed.
Completed forms should be handed in to the Office of the Chaplain in person or sent by email to
Hours will be recorded by the Office of the Chaplain.