“New applications to our Undergraduate and Graduate Programs for the SECOND term 2020 is now open”

Academic Year 2020

The following is a summary of the Academic Calendar 2020:

  • Semester 1/2020
    • First day of classes: August 17th, 2020
    • Last day of classes: December 20th, 2020
  • Semester 2/2020
    • First day of classes: January 11th, 2021
    • Last day of classes: May 23rd, 2021
  • Semester 3/2020 (Special Term for MA. in Linguistics)
    • First day of classes: June 7th, 2021
    • Last day of classes: July 25th, 2021

Application Forms

Admissions Process

Application Processing Time

In general, the admission process takes approximately 10 working days. If your documents are incomplete, it will take longer. If you are requesting credit for courses already studied, it will also take longer to process your application.

Application Acceptance

If your application is successful, you will receive an Acceptance Letter either by post or by e-mail to the address provided on your application. There will be useful information included in the Acceptance Letter, including the date that you should report to the university, student orientation, information regarding the international dormitory, and the point of contact from your particular department or program.

Upon reporting to the university, you will need to bring your Acceptance Letter with you when you report to your advisor. Students will complete a registration form with the assistance of their advisor. The completed registration form will need to be delivered to the Registrar’s Office. Upon confirmation from the Registrar’s Office, the student will receive an official student identification number.

Payment of Application Fee

Prospective students must submit a one-time, non-refundable application fee, along with their application package. For walk-in applicants, the application fee amount is 500 Thai baht. Students paying in person may pay in cash. For non-walk-in applicants (e.g., students applying from abroad by mail, phone, or e-mail), the application fee amount is 1,600 Thai baht. Do not send cash with the application form. The university will not be held responsible for cash sent through the post. Personal checks, bank drafts, and money orders are also not accepted. We strongly encourage students to wire funds directly to the university. Contact the Admissions Office at for procedures on how to wire funds.


Scholarships of the Academic Year 2020 (AY2020) are open to new students who wish to pursue a full-time undergraduate degree at Payap University’s International College.

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