Bachelor of Arts Program in English Communication (EC)

The Bachelor of Arts in English Communication with a cognate in Communication is an on-campus degree. In this new era of globalization, the effects of information technology have spread to all parts of the world, with English emerging as the predominant language of international business and communication. The development of the Greater Mekhong Sub-region and all of ASEAN as increasingly cohesive trade regions have brought with it a rising demand for highly qualified, multilingual professionals. Fluency in English offers more than individual access to international news, information, and knowledge. It has also become a vital strategic tool for the economic, political, and social development of any nation, and the young men and women who are comfortable in this language are increasingly in demand. The degree program emphasizes key skills in linguistics, writing, and intercultural communication to help equip future graduates succeed in their chosen careers.

Professions/Careers after Graduation

  • Media: Journalist, Editor, Copy Writer, Reporter
  • Linguistics: Translator, Interpreter, Linguist
  • Business : Sales Person, Public Relations Practitioner, Secretary
  • Government: Public Speaker, Politician
  • Arts: Playwright, Author, Curator
  • Education: Teacher, Instructor

Curriculum Structure

Courses Credits
1.General Education Courses 30 Credits
1.1 Social Sciences and Humanities Courses 9 Credits
1.2 Mathematics, Sciences and Technology Courses 9 Credits
1.3 Language Competency for Communication Courses 12 Credits
2. Major Courses 90 Credits
2.1 Major Required Courses 60 Credits
2.2 Major Elective Courses at least 30 Credits
3. Fee Elective Courses 6 Credits
Total Number of Credits at least 126 Credits


Dr. Jaranya Thepphornbanchakit

  • Ph.D. (Research and Development in Education), Chaing Mai University, Thailand, 2015.
  • Master of Arts in Linguistics, Payap University, Thailand, 2005.
  • Bachelor of Arts in English, Payap University, Thailand, 1994.
  Dr. Michael J. Day


  • Ph.D. (Social Sciences), University of Southampton, UK, 2018.
  • Master of Science in Web Science, University of Southampton, UK, 2014.
  • Bachelor of Arts in History & Education, The University of Lancaster, UK, 2008.
Sara Alise Du Preez


  • Master of Arts in Linguistics, Payap University, Thailand, 2019.


Miss. Florence Soniya Purimitla

Miss. Florence Soniya Purimitla


Elementary Student Teacher at Nakornpayap International School, Thailand

Miss. Amy Wattanasirakul

Miss. Amy Wattanasirakul


Coconuts Media, Bangkok, Thailand


This list shows some of the most-often reported careers for people who majored in EC.

Miss Namwan Michele Roberts

Miss. Namwan Michele Roberts


Cabin Crew at NokScoot Airlines, Thailand.

 Ms. Nattamon Sarajoti

 Ms. Nattamon Sarajoti


Master of Science in Management with Human Resources, Bournemouth University, UK

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