Bachelor of Science Program in Information Technology (IT)

The Bachelor of Science Program in Information Technology is set up to develop its graduates with 21st century skills in Information Technology who can work efficiently with others in both government and private sectors, have morality and ethics, and are ready to work in the international level. Our IT program provides both theory and practical programming and network skills.

The curriculum is based on international standards (IEEE & ACM), recognized internationally, meets student’s needs with small class sizes, highly qualified faculty and we facilitate a safe and happy learning environment that ensures the widening of each student’s intellectual horizons.

We are open to innovation. We can work with you to structure a tailored program to match your interests and requirements. Using our seminars, special topics, senior project and independent study courses, we can offer the right program for you.

Professions/Careers after Graduation

  • Software/Web Developers
  • System Analysts and Programmers
  • IT Project Managers
  • Entrepreneurs/IT Business Startups

Curriculum Structure

Courses Credits
1.General Education Courses 30 Credits
1.1 Social Sciences and Humanities Courses 9 Credits
1.2 Mathematics, Sciences and Technology Courses 9 Credits
1.3 Language Competency for Communication Courses 12 Credits
2. Major Courses 84 Credits
2.1 Core Courses 18 Credits
2.2 Major Required Courses 54 Credits
2.3 Major Elective Courses at least 12 Credits
3. Fee Elective Courses 6 Credits
Total Number of Credits at least 120 Credits


Asst. Prof. Seung Hwan Kang, Ph.D.
Acting Head of Department

  • Ph.D. (Informatics), University of Wollongong, Australia, 2008.
  • Master of Information Systems – Research, University of Wollongong, Australia, 2004.
  • Master of Information Systems, University of Wollongong, Australia, 2001.
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Business Information Systems), University of Wollongong, Australia, 2000.

Room PC102
Ph: (+66) 53 851 478 – 86 Ext. 7228

Dr. Derrick L. Anderson

  • Ph.D. (Information Technology), Capella University, USA, 2012.
  • Master of Arts (Human Resource Development), Northeastern Illinois University, USA, 1996.
  • Bachelor of Arts (Independent Studies), Chicago State University, USA, 1993.

Room PC314
Ph: (+66) 53 851 478 – 86 Ext. 7221

Dr. Nang Hsu Mon Pyae

  • Ph.D. (Information Technology), Naresuan University, 2019.
  • Master of Science (Information Systems), Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, 2011.
  • Bachelor of Computer Science Honors, University of Computer Science Yangon, Myanmar, 2009.
  • Bachelor of Computer Science, University of Computer Science Yangon, Myanmar, 2008.

Room PC314
Ph: (+66) 53 851 478 – 86 Ext. 7221

Robert E. Steaves

  • Master of Science (Software Engineering), National University, San Diego, 1988.
  • Bachelor of Computer Science, West Coast University, Los Angeles, 1987.

Room PC314
Ph: (+66) 53 851 478 – 86 Ext. 7221

Asst. Prof. Séamus T. Lyons, Ph.D.
Adjunct Instructor

  • Ph.D. (Computer Science), University of East Anglia, UK, 2006.
  • Bachelor of Science (Computer Science), University of East Anglia, UK, 2000.

Room PC314
Ph: (+66) 53 851 478 – 86 Ext. 7221

Field Trips, Seminar, Activities

4 November 2019

Innovation Fair, Chiang Mai, Payap University

26 July 2019

IT Seminar – The Internet of Things (IoT)

Buzz Woo Asia, Chiangmai

19 Sept 2018

Buzz Woo Asia, Chiang Mai

Movaci, Chiang Mai

12 Sept 18

Movaci, Chiang Mai

18 April 2018

Training on Data Analytics using SAP Analytics Cloud Platform, ASEAN DATA SCIENCE EXPLORERS

4 April 2018

Datapro Computer Systems Co., Ltd., Chiang Mai

25 November 2017

Chiangmai International Sumobot Competition 2017, Prem International School


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