Undergraduate Students

Frequently Used Forms

Forms are listed alphabetically by name:

Form Download
An English Translation of the Diploma Request Form PYU 3/45
Certificate Request Form PYU 0221/6/53/49
Change of First Name, Last Name, Address Form PYU 0221/1/5/49
Confirmation of Student Status Request Form PYU 0221/6/1/08
Data Checking Report in Semester of Thesis Enrollment or Written Comprehensive Examination (Master’s Degree) PYU 0221/5/1/50
Delay an Examination Request Form (Bachelor Degree)
Educational Document Request Form
General Request Form PYU 0221/58/49
Leave of Absence Request Form PYU 0221/1/1/51
Pre-registration Form EN_PYU_PerRegister _eng_only_.pdf
Official Transcript Request Form PYU 0221/6/48/49
Registration Form for a New Student EN_PYU_PreRegister NewStu_eng_only_.pdf
Request for Approval of a Minor Program Form PYU 0221/1/1/53
Request for Credit Transfer from Higher Vocational Certificate Level Form PYU 0221/1/2/2553
Request for an Exemption Examination Form PYU 0221/4/4/51
Request for Graduation (Bachelor’s Degree) PYU 0202/5/2/62 *New*
Request for Maintaining Student Status Form PYU 0221/1/4/52
Request for Transfer of Credits Form (for Former Payap University Students) PYU 0221/4/4/2553
Request Form for Course Equivalent and Transfer of Credit from
Other Institutions
PYU 0211/4/2/53
Request to Earn Credits by Proposing Portfolio Form
Request to Enroll in a Course Concurrently with a Prerequisite Course PYU 0221/4/27/49
Request to Enroll in Courses with Concurrent Examinations PYU 0221/3/1/51
Request to Enroll More Credits Than Those Stipulated PYU 0221/3/22/49
Request to Resume Studies Form PYU 0221/1/1/52
Request to Study for a Second Bachelor’s Degree Form PYU 0211/4/3/53
Request to Withdraw from a Minor Program Form PYU 31/48
Student ID Card Request Form PYU 0221/1/2/49
Student Profile PYU 0221/1/5/2010
Students whose class attendance is less than 80% PYU 0221/4/26/49
“W” Withdrawal Form PYU 0221/4/6/51
Waiver Form to enroll without a prerequisite Course PYU 0221/4/3/56

Ethical Development

Ethical Development Reflection Form for Community Service Form (W6) English Ethical Development Reflection Form for Community Service Form W6
Student Activity Form (PN08) English Student Activity Form PN08_EN

Undergraduate Academic Regulations 2557

Undergraduate Academic Regulations (PDF)

  1. Registration for Courses
  2. Adding and Dropping Courses
  3. Deportment During Examination
  4. Request to Postpone and Examination
  5. Grading
  6. Academic Evaluation
  7. Transferring Credits and Leaves of Absence
  8. Losing Student Status
  9. Graduation
  10. Graduating with Honors
  11. Registering for Graduation
  12. Study for a Second Bachelor’s Degree
  13. Assembly

Issued as of 18 September 2557

Other Related Regulations and Announcements

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