Graduate Students

Academic Year 2019

Independent Study & Thesis Schedule and Procedures for Linguistics, TESOL and Peacebuilding

Semester Thesis Independent Study
Semester 1 Thesis Defense Semester 1, Academic Year 2019 Independent Study‚ Summer Academic Year 2019 Revised
Semester 2 Thesis Defense Semester 2, Academic Year 2019
Semester 3 Thesis Schedule Summer, Academic Year 2019 Revised

Academic Year 2018

Independent Study & Thesis Schedule and Procedures for Linguistics and Peacebuilding (International Calendar)

Semester Thesis Independent Study
Semester 1 01Thesis Schedule_Sem1-AY2018_Inter Calendar 01Independent Study‚ Sem1-2_AY2018_Inter Calendar
Semester 2 02Thesis Schedule_Sem2-AY2018_Inter Calendar
Semester 3 03Thesis Schedule_Summer-AY2018_Inter Calendar 02Independent Study‚ Summer_AY2018_Inter Calendar

Independent Study & Thesis Schedule and Procedures for TESOL (Thai Calendar)

Semester Thesis Independent Study
Semester 1 04Thesis Schedule_Sem1-AY2018_Thai Calendar 03Independent Study‚ Sem1-2_AY2018_Thai Calendar
Semester 2 05Thesis Schedule_Sem2-AY2018_Thai Calendar
Semester 3 06Thesis Schedule_Summer-AY2018_Thai Calendar 04Independent Study‚ Summer_AY2018_Thai Calendar

Frequently Used Forms

Forms are listed by procedures:

Form Download
To request assignment of Main Advisor for [ ] Thesis [ ] IS wkb02-59_Request-main-advisor *New*
Work History [ ] Thesis [ ] IS Advisor or[ ] Thesis [ ] IS Defense Committee member wk.b. 02.1/59
Request [ ] Thesis [ ] IS Proposal Defense wk.b. 03/59
[ ] Thesis [ ] IS Proposal Form wk.b. 03.1/59
Summary Report on the Results of the [ ] Thesis [ ] IS Proposal Defense wk.b. 04/59
Report on the Results of the [ ] Thesis [ ] IS Proposal Defense wk.b. 04.1/59
Application for [ ] Thesis [ ] IS Defense wk.b. 05/59
Application to appoint a [ ] Thesis [ ] IS Defense Committee wk.b. 06/59
Summary Report on the Results of the [ ] Thesis [ ] IS Defense wk.b. 07/59
Report on the Results of the [ ] Thesis [ ] IS Defense wk.b. 07.1/59
Form to Report Publication of [ ] Thesis [ ] IS wk.b. 08/59
Request to Approve the Format of the Thesis wk.b. 08.1/59
Request to submit final corrected copies of thesis wk.b. 09/59
Document Assigning Copyright of [ ] Thesis [ ] IS to Payap University wk.b. 09.1/59
Letter of Guarantee
That This [ ] Thesis [ ] IS Was Done by Myself
wk.b 09.2/2550
Application for Expected Graduation (Graduate Level)

Formally known as “Data checking report in e-Registrar system (Graduate Student)”

*It is also known an “Application for Graduation Form.”

PYU 0202/5/2/62 *New*

Research Ethics Approval *New*

Form Download
Plan/Procedure of Research Documents Submission for Research Ethics Approval, Payap University PYU_Procedure_Research Ethics Approval_Revised2019_Revised
Submission of research proposal for consideration by the Research Ethics Committee, Payap University 01Memo for docs submission_Ethics Approval_ENG
Document Checklist, Submitted for Consideration by the Research Ethics Committee AF 07-01_Ethics Document Checklist_ENG_Revised
Submission Form for Ethical Review AF 07-02_Research Ethics Application Form_ENG_Revised
Participant Information Sheet AF 07-03_Participant Info Sheet_ENG
Informed Consent Form AF 07-04_Informed Consent Form_ENG_Revised
Biography of Co-Researcher Co-Researcher Biography_ENG
Biography of Main Researcher Main Researcher Biography_ENG

Linguistics Downloads

Forms Download
Thesis Process Flowchart (Revised 2018) *New* Thesis-Process-Flowchart_revised2018_for-Linguistics-Dept.pdf
Application forms:

Application for Admission
Academic Reference form

Term Paper:

Term Paper Template Word 2007 & 2010

APA Bibliography styles
Summary of APA Bibliography styles
Thesis Proposal Sample thesis_proposal_Elizabeth-Munn3
Thesis Template v17 APA (Aug 2018) Thesis-Template-v17-APA-Aug-2018
Spine LingDept_Spine
CD Cover KT 5_1-CD-cover-KT
Research and Academic Service Forms:

Research Proposal Form
Academic Service Planning Form
Evaluation Form for Academic Service
Academic Service Results Report

Symposium Papers:

Research Symposium 2017 & 2016

Academic Work Miscellaneous:

PYU Working Papers on Linguistics

Graduate Academic Regulations 2557

Graduate Academic Regulations (PDF)

  1. Semester System
  2. Course Registration
  3. Dropping and Adding Courses
  4. Duration of Study
  5. Grading
  6. Evaluation
  7. Comprehensive Examinations
  8. Thesis
  9. Requirements of Graduation
  10. Foreign Language Requirement
  11. Student Status
  12. Transfer Credits
  13. Leave of Absence and Withdrawal
  14. Losing Student Status

Issued as of 18 September 2557

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