2. Course Registration

2.1 A student must register for courses according to the curriculum of study as established by the university and must receive approval from his/her [academic] advisor.

2.2 A student must follow all the steps for registration each semester within the time established by the university. After this time the student does not have the right to register. A student who registers without following all the steps will be considered not to have registered, and must make corrections to all the steps within the time that the university establishes.

2.3 Students can register for no more than 15 credits in a normal semester of 6 credits in a summer semester, or according to the conditions of their particular program.

2.4 A student cannot re-register for a course in which he/she received a grad of “B” or higher.

2.5 A student who has finished his/her course work but who have not yet finished his/her thesis or independent study/project/special project/special project paper must register any pay all the regular registration fees each semester according to the University Regulations, unless he/she receives permission to take a leave of absence.