9. Requirements for Graduation

The university will submit the student’s name to the Board of Trustee for consideration of receiving a degree when he/she has completely fulfilled by the following conditions.

9.1 The student completes all the course requirements of his/her program with a cumulative GPA of no less than 3.00.

9.2 The student pass a foreign language requirement according to the conditions of the department.

9.3 A thesis student must pass a thesis defense and submit four properly bound copies of the thesis to the university or according to the conditions of his/her department. The thesis must be published or the thesis in whole or in part be accepted for printing in a journal or academic publications, or submitted to an academic conference which publishes its proceedings.

9.4 A non-thesis student must pass a written and/or oral comprehensive examination as required in each program and if an oral comprehensive examination is not requirement, examiners are need in Independent Study defense as well as in Thesis defense, according to the criteria of curriculum standard 2548.

9.5 The student must not have any outstanding debts with the university.

9.6 The student must have completed any other requirements of the university.