12. Transfer Credits

Graduate credits may be transferred from another university, or within the university with the following conditions.

12.1 A student can request to transfer  credits on entering as a student with these qualifications:

12.1.1 The student must be qualified for acceptance by a department.

12.1.2 The student must be or have been a student in an institution of higher education that is credited by a government department office/s.

12.2 A comparison of equivalence will be done in the following manner:

12.2.1 It must be a course in a graduate curriculum from an institution of higher education or its equivalent that is accredited by a government department.

12.2.2 The course content of the course being transferred must be similar to or equivalent to the content of a course that is offered in a curriculum of Payap University. The university will decide whether a course sufficiently resembles a Payap course.

12.2.3 The student must have studied the course no earlier than five years before the date that the transfer request is made.

12.2.4 Transfer credit is not included in the grade point average (GPA).

12.2.5 Credits for thesis or Independent Study (IS) cannot be transferred.

12.3 Knowledge and credits from the non-formal education and/or informal education may be transferred following these regulations:

12.3.1 The student who requests to transfer knowledge and credits from the non-formal education and/or informal education must have the following qualifications:

(1) The student must hold a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent.

(2) The student’s qualifications must meet the admission requirements of the program.

12.3.2 Knowledge and credits may be transferred following these regulations:

(1) Knowledge transfer

(1.1) The student must take an equivalent examination of every course in the graduate program that the student requests to transfer knowledge.

(1.2) The department can administer the methods and/or the criteria for evaluating the student’s knowledge and/or use the results of the standardized tests for knowledge transfer. This process must be approved by the administrative committee of the curriculum or the committee appointed by the university. The university will consider the knowledge transfer based on the results of the standardized tests for each individual student, case by case.

(2) Knowledge Test: The student must have received a grade of at least a “B” or 3.00 or its equivalent for the graduate level.

(3) The grade received on the test and/or knowledge evaluation must be “CE” (credits from examination). The grade on the standardized test must be “CS” (credits from the standardized test). The credit of each course will be counted but the letter grade will not be given and calculated for the grade points or GPA.

(4) In the case that the student can transfer credits or pass the exam of any courses which have prerequisites, it will be considered that s/he also requests for transferring credits of the prerequisites. The student must pay for fee of transfer credits for all prerequisites following the rates set by the university.

12.4 Credits may be transferred and given following these regulations:

12.4.1 The total number of transferred credits and the given credits may not exceed one third of the total required credits in the curriculum being studied.

12.4.2 The student must study at least one full academic year at Payap University and must register for course work or thesis in the curriculum being studied before s/he can graduate.