14. Losing Student Status

Student will lose their student status under the following circumstances:

14.1 Death.

14.2 Resign.

14.3 Graduation.

14.4 Studying beyond the time limit set in the curriculum. The time starts from when they register as a student.

14.5 Not registering to study during a normal semester without an official leave of absence or without reporting to the university within 60 days of the beginning of the semester.

14.6 Taking a leave of absence of two regular semesters in the first year of study, with no registered credits.

14.7 A probationary student will lose student status if he/she has a GPA that is lower than the department specifies after the required time.

14.8 Receiving a grade of D+, D or F in any course.

14.9 The university will expel any student who grossly violates the rules of conduct of the university.

14.10 Receiving a prison sentence (unless it is due to negligence).