Regarding: Policy and Standards for Preventing Argument (Fights) and Destructive Behavior by Students inside Payap University 2552

The following points are intended to guide units in the university:

  1. The university will strictly adhere to all pertinent laws, regulations, announcements and rules
  2. The Office of Student Affairs, the Student Council, student clubs, faculties and pertinent units shall join in determining a methodology to prevent and provide help to students who encounter fights and destruction
  3. Student clubs, the Student Council and faculties shall construct a cooperative network to be on guard and follow-up students who have risky group behavior in order to change the culture, beliefs and values to be creative.
  4. The university will cooperate with relevant employees and officials with all our power whenever called upon, as for instance, requests to examine the grounds in the university and to examine persons for suspicious personal weapons.
  5. The university will examine persons and vehicles of every type which enter and leave, in order to prevent incidents and be on guard, by under righting necessary equipment.