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  • Library Resource Purchase Order (PYU 4/2)
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Research Ethics Forms (Revised 2 July 2020) *NEW*

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  • Workload, teaching load and academic output for the university’s full-time instructors 2559
  • Directions for Determining a Teaching Load 2009
  • Professional Ethics for Faculty at Payap University (PDF)

Payap University Announcement from the Board of Trustees

  • Criteria for Comparisons of Administrative Work Loads
  • Criteria and Rationale for Annual Vacations for Faculty Members

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This English translation is provided for the information of Payap University’s International College employees who find an English version easier to read. However, the official version of any legally binding document is the Thai version as signed and filed at the university. In case of any discrepancies between the Thai and English versions please refer to the Thai original document.

I would like to thank to the instructors, coordinators, staff and students who have offered comments, suggestions, errata reports and translation.

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