Payap International College Dress Code

Adopted 3 August 2016

This semester the IC has been given permission to test out a new, more relaxed dress code scheme. This means that this semester the following applies to all students.


The following types of clothing are permitted for regular classes:

  1. Official Payap uniform
  2. Payap / ISU / Department T-shirts
  3. Traditional Thai / Lanna dress
  4. Casual dress consisting of:
  • Pants, trousers or jeans (no ripped jeans or with holes)
  • Dress or skirt mid-thigh or longer
  • Shirt, T-shirt, blouse, top or dress with sleeves covering the shoulders, chest, torso and midriff
  • Shoes (no flip flops)

Please Note:

  1. Uniforms are still required for official activities, including midterm exams, final exams and formal university events (e.g. assemblies). Individual instructors may also require uniforms for graded assignments (e.g. presentations, tests, etc.).
  2. This relaxed dress code is very exciting for the IC, however we need to respect that we are still in a Thai university and when visiting other departments you should still consider how you dress (we recommend you go in Payap uniform to places such as academic affairs, finance, registration, etc.).
  3. Non-religious head gear/hats and sunglasses should be removed in class and formal settings.


The Payap uniform is required for all undergraduate Midterm and Final Exams. You will not be allowed into the examination room without the uniform. The uniform consists of the following:

  • White button-down shirt (with or without official Payap buttons and accessories)
  • Black skirt or pants/trousers
  • Black belt (preferable)
  • Plain black shoes with covered toe and covered heel (flats or heels are acceptable)

All items must be neat and clean.


While we encourage individuality in clothing, we expect everyone to dress in a way that is respectful to self and others, and appropriate to an educational setting.

The following types of clothing are prohibited (examples only, not an exclusive list):

  1. Shorts (except during sports activities, and must be mid-thigh or longer)
  2. Any clothing that has offensive language or images printed on it
  3. Any clothing that exposes the torso, midriff, chest, cleavage or other private areas when sitting, standing or walking (including on stairwell)
  4. Any clothing that is excessively tight, sheer or revealing
  5. Undergarments that are visible from any angle
  6. Any other clothing that is unprofessional, impolite or distracting.

Students wearing inappropriate attire will be asked to leave campus and change, and will be marked late or absent.

Please be aware that if the IC receives complaints from other departments outside the IC about students in inappropriate dress we will go back to the original Payap uniform.