COVID-19 Update

Visa Extension During the COVID-19 Outbreak

For all registered students (non-Thai citizens), Payap University continues to assist you in the making of this visa application during the Covid-19 outbreak. If you are requesting for a Visa Extension, please prepare the following required documents and contact the Visa Officer two weeks prior to your visa expiry date. Personnel shall return to work as usual on 22 June 2020 (Updated: 18 June 2020).

  • Request form for visa paperwork completely filled out
  • Copy of passport, visa & departure card
  • Copy of receipt (for tuition/fees)*
  • Copy of grade report
  • Copy of student I.D. card
  • One passport photo (1.5-inch size)
  • Visa Extension form (TM.7) completely filled out
  • Letter for Visa Extension from Payap University
  • Receipt of Notification form (TM.30) completely filled out
  • Visa extension fee is 1,900 Baht per person & pay at Chiang Mai Immigration

* The online registration period for the International College has been changed. For the second semester academic year 2020, you should be able to enroll courses online from 1 December 2020 (Updated: 20 December 2020).

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