Dual Degree Programs

17th June 2020, Payap University’s International College expands dual degree undergraduate options as it signs a Memorandum of Intent (MoI) with Middlesex University in UK. Studying a dual degree program allows you to gain a more comprehensive knowledge of a specific discipline as you are able to study in two different countries. You will study at Payap University’s International College in Chiang Mai for 3 years then at Middlesex University in London for another 1 year. Then total time is just 4 years and you get two bachelor’s degrees.


Dual Undergraduate Degree (3 + 1) Program

BBA Hospitality Industry Management BA International Hospitality and Tourism Management
BBA International Business Management BA International Business Administration
BSc Information Technology BSc Information Technology and Business Information Systems
Duration 3 Years 1 Year
Place Chiangmai, Thailand London, UK
Admissions Requirements High School Diploma with GPA 2.0 or equivalent
  1. Successful completion of Year 3 of the above-mentioned Payap program with no re-assessments or deferral.
  2. Achieve at least Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 2.5/4 or an overall average grade of 65%.
English Proficiency Requirements

(if English is not a student’s first language)

TOEFL iBT 61 or above; IELTS 6.0 or above; Payap English test B2 or above; and with at least 2 years’ validity.
  1. IELTS Band 6.0 (with 5.5 minimum in all components) or above.
  2. an equivalent English language qualification recognized by Middlesex University.
Approximate Tuition and Fees 120,000 THB per year £13,500 per year

Virtual tour: https://www.mdx.ac.uk/get-in-touch/virtual-tour

UG 2021 online prospectus: https://www.mdx.ac.uk/ug21guide

Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/MiddlesexUniVideo

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the dual degree programs?

A: The Payap University students who have partially completed the Payap University degree programs will be considered for the appropriate 3+1 program at Middlesex University. 3+1 means that students study the first three years in Payap University (Middlesex University accredits their credits), and then obtain the bachelor’s degree of Middlesex University by studying the 3rd year (final year of undergraduate program) at Middlesex University.

Q: Will I receive degrees from both universities?

A: Yes, upon successful completion of the two programs, students receive one degree from each university.

Q: How are students admitted to the programs?

A: Students must make regular application for admission to, and be accepted by, both the International College of Payap University and the second degree program by Middlesex University. Application to each program can be done separately, or by applying to the secondary program during the third year of study in the International College. The decision to admit a student under the Dual Degree agreement is made independently by each University.

Q: How are student graduate from the programs?

A: The decision to award a degree is independent for each University.

Q: What are the registration requirements governing the dual degree program?

A: Students are required to register for the minimum number of credits allowed under the curriculum each semester for the dual degree program.

Q: What is the GPA requirement to be a dual degree student?

A: At least cumulative GPA of 2.5/4 or an overall average grade of 65%.

Q: What are the guidelines for transferring credits from my secondary program toward my first degree?

A: On completion of the course, a student must have received at least a letter grade of C, or numerical grade of 2.00, or the equivalent on their transcript for the secondary degree course to be considered transferrable toward the first degree course (See 2557 Criteria for Transferring Bachelor’s Degree Credits).

Q: What is the suggested sequence for taking both degrees?

A: It is recommended that students must follow a study plan for the dual degree program.

Q: What is the tuition arrangement for the dual degree program?

A: Tuition for the dual degree program is applied accordingly to each university.