Graduation Requirements (Updated)

3. Graduation Requirements

A student who is completing education in a department and whose name will be added to the list of those to receive a degree or certificate must have the following qualifications:

3.1 The student must have completed all the courses required and fulfilled all the conditions without any general education or specified course grades being F, I or NP outstanding (with the exception of free electives; a student is entitled to register for an alternative course in place of the free elective that received a grade of F, and must pass that course; but the course that was awarded a grade of F will be counted in calculating the students grade point average; this substitution of courses can only be done once for each course).

3.2 The student must have completed the program within the amount of time specified for the program, beginning on the day the student registers as a student.

3.3 A student receiving a bachelor’s degree must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.00 and have a cumulative grade score for core or professional courses and for basic courses of at least 2.00.

3.4 A student who has completed the requirements for a bachelor’s degree but has a cumulative grade point average as stipulated in point 3 above that is below 2.00 but at least 1.75 will be awarded an Associate’s Degree.

3.5 If the educational requirements are fulfilled at a level qualifying the graduate for honors, consideration will be made for awarding the degree with honors.

3.6 Before graduating, all Payap University bachelor’s students must meet the requirements in three areas: English language, Information Technology (IT), and morality and ethics, as specified by the university.

3.7 A student must have no outstanding obligations or debts owed to the university. A student must have good behavior consistent with the degree or associate’s degree


Effect as of 15 January 2018/2561