The International College has a range of undergraduate, postgraduate and certificate programs taught entirely in English. The International College has fully qualified lecturers with international experience from a wide range of countries including; Australia, Britain, Canada, Germany, Korea, Ireland, Japan, Thailand and the USA.

Program Degree Study Year Curriculum
Undergraduate Program
Bachelor of Arts in English Communication (EC) 4 EC-2022


Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business Management (IBM) 4 IBM-2022


Bachelor of Business Administration in Hospitality Industry Management (HIM) 4 HIM-2019
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (IT) 4 IT-2022


Dual Undergraduate Degree (3 + 1) Program

BBA International Business Management &
BA International Business Administration
3 + 1
BBA Hospitality Industry Management &
BA International Hospitality and Tourism Management
3 + 1
BSc Information Technology &
BSc Information Technology and Business Information Systems
3 + 1
Graduate Program
Master of Arts in Linguistics 3 Linguistics-2022


Certificate Program
Linguistics Certificate Courses 3 months+