In 2003 Payap University’s International College started its Bachelor’s Degree program, with the first class graduating in 2007. The International College has undergraduate, postgraduate and certificate programs all taught in English. The International College has fully qualified lecturers with international experience from a wide range of countries including; Australia, Britain, Canada, Germany, Korea, Ireland, Japan, Thailand and the USA.

Program Degree Study Year Curriculum
Undergraduate Programs Bachelor of Arts in English Communication (EC) 4 EC-2017
Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business Management (IBM) 4 IBM-2017
Bachelor of Business Administration in Hospitality Industry Management (HIM) 4 HIM-2019
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (IT) 4 IT-2017
Graduate Programs Master of Arts in Linguistics 2 Linguistics-2017
Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) 2
Certificate Programs Foundation Studies 1
Certificate in TESOL 120 hours
Linguistics Certificate Courses 3 months+