Student Housing

Start your international education in Paradornparp International House, Alpha Women’s Dormitory, or Omega Men’s Dormitory. Live and learn with students and faculty from around the world.


To provide a safe, secure, comfortable, and healthy living community for residents, and to promote an active residential life program which provides a broad international perspective for students, faculty and staff within a respectful and intercultural residential learning community at Payap University.

Single first year undergraduate students

All first year, single undergraduate students who are not single parents are required to live in the Paradornparp International House (PIH) dormitory. The reason is to provide safe and secure housing for young students entering university life for the first time. Living in the PIH also affords new students companionship and a sense of community among fellow students.

Note: Children are not allowed in the dormitory so single parents must live off-campus. Additionally, students under the age of 18 who wish to reside in the dormitory must obtain expressed written permission from parents or legal guardians as said students are not yet considered a legal adult.

While the university strongly believes in this policy, we also recognize that there could be exceptions. For example, mature students over a certain age may have legitimate reasons for requesting a waiver of this policy. Students who feel that they have a bonafide reason for not residing in the PIH must formally request from the President of Payap University to be exempted from this policy. Please click here to view a sample format of the waiver letter. Upon completion, bring the signed letter to the International College secretary in room PC103 in the Pentecost building. The letter will be delivered to the President for a final decision. The student will be contacted promptly when the letter is returned.

It must be noted that if this waiver request is denied, the student will be charged the full price of a dormitory room for the semester (18,200 baht) whether they choose to live in the dorm or off campus.