International Graduate

International Graduate Programs

Payap University’s International College offers the following five graduate programs taught in English. Click here to view Payap University’s Thai programs.


Choose between a Master of Arts in TESOL (three-semesters) or a Certificate in TESOL (four weeks).

Linguistics MA

The mission of the Payap University Linguistics Department is to train students to be skilled linguists and translators, and to promote research on the languages of Southeast Asia.


An International Business MBA degree will prepare you for an increasingly global business environment and provide you with a large choice of career options in addition to benefiting your existing career.

Divinity MDiv

The McGilvary College of Divinity exists to prepare ministers for the Church of Christ in Thailand and other Christian churches who are capable of moral leadership in Asian societies.

Peacebuilding Ph.D

The Ph.D. program in Peacebuilding is committed to empowering inspired visionaries across a wide spectrum of professions and cultural backgrounds to develop leading edge concepts in the important and burgeoning field of conflict transformation. The program of study is designed for both academic or scholarly endeavors as well as practice-based Peace Studies.

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