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Current Research by IC Staff

Jonathan_wrightAj. Jonathan Wright

English Communication Department, The International College, Payap University

My research focuses on linguistic documentation in SE Asia. My recent focus has been on Southern Chin State, Myanmar, where I have been documenting a language called Hkongso. My most recent research project focuses on complementation strategies employed by speakers of the language. I will present about this topic at the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society in May. Last year I presented about the general word order features of Hkongso at SEALS. I am also interested in study and research on second language acquisition, particularly the acquisition of prosodic features.

Wright, Jonathan. 2015. Hkongso word order: An anomaly. Paper presented to 25th Southeast Asian Linguistics Society (SEALS), Payap University.
Wright, Jonathan. 2015. The problem of prosody in language education. Paper presented to Chulalongkorn University Language Institute International Research Seminar, Chulalongkorn University.
Wright, Jonathan and David Peterson. 2009. Mru-Hkongso: A new Tibeto-Burman grouping. Paper presented to 42nd International Conference on Sino-Tibetan Languages and Linguistics (ICSTLL), Payap University.

dr.seamusDr. Séamus Lyons

Department of Information Technology, The International College, Payap University

Current research into the Quality of Thai to English Machine Translation using online computer services. This research evaluates the translation of the Thai language to English. The purpose of this study is to ascertain both an indication of the level of quality of translation, and to identify the significant problems for Thai to English translation. The study focuses on the evaluation of Machine Translation systems in general use in Thailand including translation services by Google, Bing, Baidu, Line and
The motivation of the study is to create further interest in the advancement of machine translation for the Thai language. Currently there is no regular assessment of the quality of translation available in Thailand.
This research has been submitted for an upcoming conference on Artificial Intelligence.

Shawna_WarnerAj. Shawna Warner

English Communication Department, The International College, Payap University

Aj. Shawna’s current research is focusing on gender issues in Thailand. She’s currently writing a paper on how gendered expectations frame education and career goals for Thai daughters that she plans to submit for publication in a journal and present at an upcoming conference.

charlie_hillAj. Charlie Hill

English Communication Department, The International College, Payap University

Charlotte is the Head of the English Communication program where she teaches Public Relations and Mass Communication. Her expertise lies in media, culture and communication with a particular focus on media education and literacy. Current research is entitled Identifying and Comparing the Understanding of Media Education in Private and Government Schools in the Chiang Mai Municipality.

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